Stand alone interface for Flexradio 6x00
to Expert 2K-FA linear and Ultrabeam Antenna Controller

Flexradio 6500 with Maestro, SPE Expert 2K-FA, Ultrabeam

My interface uses a Banana-Pro. ( A Raspberry-Pi 4b will also work with small changes due to different UARTs.) As an operating system a Linux with Systemd is used. ARMBIAN 22.02.1 Debian GNU/Linux 10.3 (Bullseye). The suitable systemd start files are added.

At the time of the development the Ultrabeam-API was available only with a non-publication arrangement. Today the API is disclosed and was downloadable with WiMO. The File disapeared some time ago from WiMo website and is available by request.

Interface with connection cables (Flexradio Flex 6x00 and SPE Expert 2K-FA).

Look inside onto Banana Pro and wiring.

Rear side with connectors.


Special interconnection (fan-out) cable. The connection with the Ultrabeam occurs with 1:1 cable.

Basic web interface to switch on and switch off the transceiver and the amplifier, as well as steer the Ultrabeam, turn the network accessible rotator and control the network accessible Expert 2K-FA amplifier.

Last Update: 5. April 2022. Source code archive. Have fun...

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